9/20/12 Upstate Artists Guild, Albany, NY w/ Bad Boys (members of Dadfag) / Chloroform Party / Christian Bulmer

9/22/12 Circus Cafe, Saratoga Springs, NY w/ Party Boat

9/26/12 Upstate Artists Guild, Albany, NY w/ Darik Partridge / Parenting / TBA

9/28/12 Circus Cafe, Saratoga Springs, NY w/ James Gascoyne / more

10/7/12 Putnam Den, Saratoga Springs, NY w/ Mr. Owl / Disposable Rocket Band

10/13/12 Fuze Box, Albany, NY w/ The Black Ships / Todd is New Each Moment

10/19/12 TBA, Albany, NY w/ Birthdays / Little Spoon


9//15 @ Valentine’s – SNOTTY KIDS & BOURBON SCUM cassette release show!


$6 // 7PM

Ladies and gentleman, Saturday September 15th we have a special treat for you.. Filthy rock n’ roll motherfuckers one and all take note, you won’t wanna miss this! We present to you, from the sweatiest city in the USA:

SNOTTY KIDS – Orlando, FL punk like the Dead Boys, if they sobered up long enough to learn how to skate

BOURBON SCUM – Local heart throbs, rock and roll idols, you oughta know by now

NEUTRON RATS – Featuring three time “Prettiest drunk in Albany” winner Dan Crampton

STIFF BOYS – Coolest band name on the bill, ex members of DOG DAYS and MINOR OFFENSE

To be out the night of the show: SNOTTY KIDS / BOURBON SCUM split cassette, put out on Stiff Records in 1976 by using a time machine, and a couple handguns. These fellas made the long trip home to get it out for you tonight. Get stoked!


    • Friday
    • 8:30pm
    51 3rd st, Troy
  • Join us at 51 3rd Street in Troy for an awesome night of music, featuring three killer acts. Don’t miss out – this one is going to be GREAT!!!

    INSECT FACTORY (Washington, DC)

    PUBLIC SPEAKING (Brooklyn)

    NONHORSE (Troy!)

    Insect Factory:
    Insect Factory is music from Silver Spring, MD musician Jeff Barsky. Insect Factory focuses on texture and mood, building layers of dense sounds that slowly evolve into hypnotic andatmospheric drones. Since the 90′s, Barsky has continuously played in bands and improvisational collectives, and has performed frequently on the east coast of the U.S., in Canada, throughout Europe, and Japan. Barsky’s various projects have shared the stage with acts as diverse as Richard Pinhas, Nels Cline, Acid Mothers Temple, and Carla Bozulich, and he has performed at Suoni Il Per Popolo festival in Montreal, Terrastock 7 in Louisville, KY, and D.C.’s Sonic Circuits, Queering Sound, and Fringe Festivals. Insect Factory’s first release, “Air Traffic Control Sleep”, was released in the late summer of 2007, to acclaim from the likes of Washington Post, the Wire, and Terrascope. Following a recent split 7″ with RST (New Zealand), Melodies from a Dead Radio is Insect Factory’s second full-length and vinyl debut.

    Public Speaking:
    Public Speaking is the music of Brooklyn solo artist Jason Anthony Harris. Utilizing found objects, radio, tape recorder, and vocoder, he pores over pedals to loop, warp and augment these sources. His performances are highly improvisational, with an emphasis on immediacy and site-specific actions.

    The electronic capturing and mangling of acoustic sounds is an obsession for Public Speaking. Pieces of metal, wood, plastic, and video cassettes are stricken to the pulses of polyrhythmic, textural compositions. A microphone is pummeled against the floor in place of a bass drum and slashed across speakers to create reprocessed digital sweeps. One performance found him beating and scraping a wooden chair across the stage to create a bed of dissonant clatter to croon over.

    G. Lucas Crane is a sound artist, performer, and musician whose work focuses on information anxiety, media confusion, and recycled technology. Using a combination field recordings culled from the underbelly of the contemporary sonic media landscape and homemade electronic instruments, oscillators and broken machines, he creates compositions and performances as a reaction to, and illustration of, our information detritus choked times. Past work has dealt with musicality of a location or route, horror and phantasm in the information age, technology as abomination, the mystical presence of obsolete recording technology, recording as ritual, and the religious, poetic, and magical connotations of feedback and improvisation. Many of the soundscapes and collage work are built around quickly moving tape manipulations, the common cassette being a perfect example of old technology as iconic personal Gnostic totem. Years of environment recording and sample hunting have resulted in a broken library of material that is collaged together live, an information life that is constantly folding back on itself fractal-like, which he believes illustrates modern experience. Tape manipulation harkens back to the early days of experimental music, and in the context of the digital era it creates a sonic counterpoint on the continuum between hi and low fi, folk outsider and academic composition. Crane’s work exists in a meditation on the blurred boundary between new and old tech and the emotional and social toll created by the rapid advancement of the technological sonic/environment.

    Collaborations include sound design for the Performance Thanatology Research Society’s production of ‘History of Heat’ and ‘The 50 Greatest Ladies and Gentlemen” at the Ontological Hysteric Theater in New York ; a batshit crazy full US tour with Woods; a European tour with drone collective Vanishing Voice; a production of ‘Oh What War’ at Here Theater in NYC with the Juggernaught Theater company; a ghost story album with Baltimore experimental vocalist Ric Royer; Machine design with New York electronic Instrument company CasperElectronics; Studio and performance work with musical entities Woods, Castanets, Grizzly Bear, and Wooden Wand; and solo performances as Nonhorse in the US and Europe. He also co-runs Silent Barn, an experimental art and performance space in Queens, New York City.

Built to Spill @ Upstate Concert Hall


    • Wednesday, August 29, 2012
    • 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, August 29
    Upstate Concert Hall
    7pm door * 8pm show
    With special guests:
    Helvetia * Revolt Revolt
    Tickets $15 on sale Friday, June 29 at 10am at all
    Ticketmaster locations, the club box office and Northern Lights Smoke Shop on Fuller Rd.

Insect Posse presents: The New Sounds of Music

    • Friday, June 29, 2012
    • 6:00pm until 9:00pm
  • Come to the Arts Center on Troy Night Out for a FREE sampling of (relatively) local noise/experimental music from the likes of…

    Insect Posse
    Fossils From the Sun
    Shape Shifting Shepherds
    Matt Weston

Fishbone w/ Paranoid Social Club, Skeletons in the Piano @ Putnam Den


    • Thursday, July 5, 2012
    • 9:00pm
  • Putnam Den
  • Doors: 8pm
    Show: 9pm

    Tickets: $12 (Click the link below to purchase tickets)


    Celebrating 25 groundbreaking years, FISHBONE has been trailblazing their way through the history of American Ska, Rock Fusion and (so-called) Black Rock since starting their professional career in Los Angeles burgeoning, Alternative Rock music scene of the mid-1980s. Their sound has often been imitated, but never duplicated. They have toured worldwide with such bands as the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Les Claypool/Primus, Fela Kuti, The Dead Kennedys and many more. Angelo Moore’s ability to combine thought-provoking, humorous social commentary with FISHBONE’s brethren’s frenzied, up-tempo music and frantic, euphorically entertaining stage show has cultivated their undisputed reputation as one of the best live acts in
    music history.

    Now in their 25th year of composing, creating, recording, releasing and performing original music together, mass critical appeal appears to be returning to the band, fueled by their critically acclaimed full-length feature documentary; Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone. Narrated by Laurence Fishburne, the film earned LA Weekly’s Critic’s Choice Award at the Los Angeles Film Fest in 2010, has been called “effortlessly Entertaining” (Variety), “Brilliant and Groundbreaking” (Pop Matters), and hailed as “more than a documentary about rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a documentary about the American spirit and one that shows the life of one of its most influential creative forces.” (Encore Magazine)

    The documentary features celebrity testimonials from an A-list cast of rock icons such as Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), who calls the band “an important musical institution” and “the band that gave us the inspiration to be a band” by Gwen Stefani (No Doubt). The film also includes similar admiration from the likes of Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addition), Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) Rob Trujillo (Metallica), Questlove (The Roots), Chuck D (Public Enemy), Tim Robbins (Grammy Winning Actor) and many more. The film not only highlights the bands substantial legacy in contemporary music of all forms, but also the struggles, adversity, and inner turmoil that has surrounded the bands career. It has also opened up the possibility of, and widely rumored and sought after reunion performance with all original members of this legendary band. Everyday Sunshine is currently premiering in theaters across the country, and many of the dates have already sold out. DVD release and broadcast interest
    from VH1, Showtime, and PBS is expected in 2012.


    Paranoid Social Club is the bastard brainchild of Dave Gutter and Jon Roods of the Rustic Overtones. Hailing from Portland, ME the band has received international accolades for it’s high energy style. Equally inspired by punk, soul, psychedelic rock, and the human psyche; PSC is a musical movement like no other. Picture Jimi Hendrix smashing a keyboard or The Clash backing Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival. The fervor of their incendiary live show has propelled them to that of cult status. Paranoid Social Club has managed to create one of a kind anthem’s using sarcasm and beauty, two things that rarely coincide.

    Paranoid’s debut Axis ll, spawned the hit “Wasted” which was featured as the theme for Broken Lizard’s cult classic film Beerfest, as well as being the soundtrack to every college party in America.

    Their follow up double LP Axis lll & l featured the single “Two Girls” and was remixed and released on EMI’s ON Entertainment record label. “Two Girls” was used in the movie Sex and Death 101, HBO’s series Entourage and Cathouse and birthed a house remix album produced by club DJ’s ; Invisible Kid, Powder, and Butterface. “Two Girls” quickly became PSC’s biggest international hit, as it landed them on countless radio stations most requested and was featured on KROCK’s “What’s Next” Compilation. Other stations soon followed suit from New York to Dallas to the West Coast.

    Their fourth studio album, Axis IV, was released in late May of 2011. The first single, “Count On Me” was added in regular rotation to WEQX and Citadel’s WCYY before a radio campaign had begun, receiving over 500 spins. First week sales of Axis IV charted on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart and was #3 on the Music Monitor Network Charts, behind only Lady Gaga.

    They’ve performed with such acts as Stone Temple Pilots, Audioslave, 311, The Roots, 30 Seconds to Mars, Fall Out Boy, Avenged Sevenfold, Buckcherry, Mike Watt, Coheed and Cambria, Staind, Seether, Crash Kings, Blue October and Panic at the Disco and proved to be a tough act to follow. Catch the Club in support of their new album.



  • Tuesday, June 26, 2012
  • 8:00pm

Come join us on a rare TUESDAY night show at ASAC. We’ll be at the Upstate Artists Guild (247 Lark St. in Albany), and this amazing show will feature two astoundingly creative and well-known guitarists. Susan Alcorn will be visiting from Texas, displaying her improvisational skills on the pedal steel. Also performing will be Jefferson Pitcher, a phenomenal local guitarist soon to be moving out of the area. Make sure to catch him before he’s gone!

And now added to the bill is soundBarn – the guitar-based duo of Thomas Lail and Patrick Weklar. Watch and listen as soundBarn deconstructs the electric guitar and reconfigures its various sounds in new and exciting ways!

All three sets will provide proof positive that the electric guitar (in its many guises) still holds the power to inspire musicians and audiences alike. Don’t miss out!!

FULL BIOS are below…



+ soundBarn

Tuesday June 26th
Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark St.
Albany, NY

$5 suggested donation for the traveling musicians. for more information!

Susan Alcorn is a Baltimore, Maryland-based composer and musician who has received international recognition as an innovator of the pedal steel guitar, an instrument whose sound is commonly associated with country and western music. Alcorn has absorbed the technique of C&W pedal steel playing and refined it to a virtuosic level. Her original music reveals the influence of free jazz, avant-garde classical music, Indian ragas, Indigenous traditions, and other musics of the world. The UK Guardian describes her music as “beautiful, glassy and liquid, however far she strays from pulse and conventional harmony.”

In addition to frequent tours throughout North America and Europe, Susan has performed in the UK at the London Festival of Experimental Music, the On The Outside Festival in Newcastle, and the Glasgow Improvisors Orchestra Improvisation Festival; in France at the Musique Action Festival in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, Ateliers Tampon and Instants Chavires in Paris; in Germany at the Leipzig JazzTage and with the ICI Ensemble in Munich; The Stone, CBGBs, and Issue Project Room in New York; Il Continiere in Rome; and at Arsenic and Cave 12 in Switzerland.

Though mostly a solo performer, she has collaborated with numerous artists including Pauline Oliveros, Eugene Chadbourne., the late Peter Kowald, Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, Maggie Nicols, Joe Giardullo, Joe McPhee, Mike Cooper, Lê Quan Ninh, Ellen Fullman, Evan Parker, Ellery Eskelin, and John Butcher as well as continuing projects with Caroline Kraabel, cellist Janel Leppin and Scottish guitarist George Burt. Her newest release Touch This Moment is available on Uma Sounds.

Jefferson Pitcher is a guitarist and composer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent his formative years involved in the DIY Berkeley punk-rock scene, at 924 Gilman Street, which still influences him today. Yes, he was at Operation Ivy’s last show.

While much of his work explores free improvisation, he also draws heavily on his gift for melody, as well as on the simple repetitions of minimalism, the space and North African influence of flamenco, and a history of performing and recording in the West Coast indie-rock scene as a singer-songwriter, where he fronted the band Above the Orange Trees.

Since that time, Pitcher has released music with Standard Recording Co. (USA), Digitalis Recordings (USA), Camera Obscura (Australia), Tape Drift Records (USA), Moonpalace (Spain), Dutch East India (USA), Words on Music (USA), Tract Records (USA), and his own Mudita Records (USA). He has performed and recorded with a wide range of artists including Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, Ikue Mori, Okkyung Lee, Scott Amendola, Rosie Thomas, Christian Kiefer, J. Matthew Gerken, Denison Witmer, Sarah Weaver, Mark Dresser, Mike Bullock, Tim Keiper, David Gibson, Kristina Forester, Ron Guensche and many more. He has twice been featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered” and has been well reviewed by Pitchfork, Blurt, The Melbourne Sun, Prefix, and Harp magazines.

Pitcher holds an MFA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he studied improvisation and composition with Pauline Oliveros and Neil Rolnick. He is married to author and visual artist Keri Smith, and can often be found on some hilly country road riding his bicycle while daydreaming about the minutiae of guitars and the endless wonder of sound.